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The official QFS Facebook Page posts information and shares posts from finch and bird lovers around the world. You can like and share information, pictures and videos of all your favourite and fun stuff.  Like Us and get involved.

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The QFS Discussion Group Facebook Page is for members and associates to seeks to allow more extensive discussion about specific Avicultural topics. Interested people have to apply to be admitted to the group. So far over 100 enthusiasts have signed up. It is a great way to build your connections and learn something. How are your birds breeding this year? Mine have put on a spurt recently, with many species feeding young. Gouldians are coming to the end of their breeding season and mine have gone very poorly this year. At least three pairs have hatched young and tossed them out straight away. This is not just inexperienced pairs having their first nest. Some were 2nd year hens on their second clutch of the year. Intriguing. Why not let us know about your birds in the last year? How did your Gouldians go? What was your most satisfying breeding outcome? Write us a short article.

All that have an interest in Finch Aviculture are welcome to join and share knowledge and encouragement ✌ Ask to Join – we promise to be nice!

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