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Ten Reasons to join The Queensland Finch Society Inc.
(actually 11)

1. Learn the best techniques for success in finch aviculture – housing, nutrition, welfare
2. Receive a high quality full colour monthly magazine – FINCH NEWS – full of original articles and news
3. Attend our monthly meetings to connect to experienced breeders, hear great speakers and experience many other activities
4. Connect to fellow breeders and many services through our great website www.qfs.org.au including opportunities to sell and buy birds
5. Connect to the world of aviculture through our Facebook sites
6. Access to all your bird supply needs through our sales table – Australian Wildlife Supplies
7. Participate in QFS bird sales, auctions, bird shows, aviary visits and workshops
8. Attend the Triennial International Finch Convention – next one is July 2021
9. Support a range of programs to encourage young people into aviculture
10. Support finch conservation of both wild and captive populations
11. Make great friends and gain great enjoyment from aviculture

About the Queensland Finch Society Inc.

The Queensland Finch Society was formed over fifty years ago and is regarded as one of the most progressive specialist avicultural societies in the world. The Society focusses on the aviculture, scientific study and conservation of finches both from Australia and elsewhere in the world.

We are a voluntary community organisation which is very active in hosting events and otherwise supporting its members who live right across Australia. While 65% live in Queensland, some 33% are in other States and we have a small number of international members. We often arrange public displays and events to promote the aims of our Society and the enjoyment and benefits of aviculture.

The Society promotes and supports best practice in aviculture including adherence to the Queensland Code of Practice for Aviculture and welfare requirements. We strongly encourage our members to comply with all relevant laws associated with aviculture. QFS is an affiliate of the Queensland Council of Bird Societies (QCBS) and a foundation member of the National Finch and Softbill Association. Many of our members are directly involved in, and financially support, finch conservation programmes such as the “Save the Gouldian Fund” and the Recovery Program for the endangered Black-throated finch.

Our Society supports members through a high-quality colour monthly magazine, a monthly meeting with guest speakers including interstate and international speakers, regular bird shows and bird sales and events such as the triennial International Finch Convention.
A particular focus is to encourage young people to see finch aviculture and conservation as a rewarding interest. To this end we provide free membership to all juniors, and in some cases provide aviary packages, birds and mentors to enthusiastic young breeders seeking to ensure their passion is sustained.


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Email: memberships@qfs.org.au

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