Aviary Construction & Water

Design and aviary construction share many points in common. Before constructing your aviary, you must choose the type of aviary you want to construct and the design, including feeding/catching stations, water stations, and of course, sheltered areas for the birds which will allow them to escape the attentions of predatory birds, dogs, cats, snakes, etc.

In deciding to construct your own aviary, you obviously need to take into consideration your own expertise in building and the ability to design a suitable plan. Everybody has some great ideas but sometimes we do not have the ability to carry them out. So you may not be a handy person, in which case you might decide to have somebody else build the aviary/aviaries for you. Beware, however, as the construction of an aviary is time consuming and therefore expensive. If there is a way for you to do it yourself then you should try to do it.

As explained in the previous article on Design, there are four main choices for framework – timber, galvanised channel or square hollow section, galvanised pipe or aluminium channel or hollow section. During my years as a bird person I have had aviaries made from timber, galvanised pipe and now aluminium hollow section.


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