6 August 2021 – Glen Holland

“Learnings from Endangered Species Programs – the role of aviculture and more”

Main Speaker: Glen Holland

Glen Holland is a highly experienced aviculturist and professional wildlife manager with experience in Africa, New Zealand and in Australia. Through his professional career, Glen has been Director of the Auckland Zoo, Curator of Birds at Adelaide Zoo, Director of the famed Healesville Sanctuary and now Director of the Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria.

Throughout this time Glen has maintained his interests in aviculture and conservation and has been directly involved in a number of bird conservation programs where specialised techniques have been required. This includes the high profile programs for the Orange Bellied Parrot, Helmeted Honeyeater and Plains Wanderer. Glen is an outstanding and entertaining speaker and this presentation will display Glen’s depth of knowledge of birds in captivity and in the wild. A meeting not to be missed.

The meeting will commence with a short talk from Gary Fitt on “Some outcomes from the 2020 National Finch and Softbill Census”.


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