4 August 2023 Tom De Graaff

The Avicultural Continuum – Past, Present and ?

Speaker: Tom De Graaff ( Melbourne )
Venue: Hall, corner Thynne Road and Wynnum Road, Morningside.
Date: 4 August 2023.
Time: 6:30pm for 7:30pm start.
Or Zoom: link to be emailed to QFS members.

Tom started his bird life as a school kid in 1970. Over the years, he has kept and bred a variety of finches, doves and small parrots since then.

Growing up in the Victorian regional town of Ballarat, Tom had a team of mentors in the local Avicultural Club and then, in 1976, took his passion for birds to University with him! Tom’s studies in zoology and genetics tied in perfectly with aviculture. This was at the start of quite a boom in the breeding of lovebird mutations then many others.

Tom has written a number of articles on the subject of genetics but this talk will concentrate more on the avicultural and genetic future of our birds.


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