3 July 2020 General Meeting – Sam Davis – ZOOM

3 July 2020



Sam Davis (NSW)

A review of Australian breeding techniques for the Red Siskin

Our July general meetings will again be presented via the on-line ZOOM platform. Our first ZOOM meeting in June was a great success. QFS members for whom we have an email will receive a link which will bring you into the July meeting. Members that do not receive a link can email President@qfs.org.au

Our main speaker will be Sam Davis from Sydney. Sam is currently President of the Canary and Cage Bird Federation of Australia (CCBFA) and Editor for the Finch Society of Australia in Sydney. He is very active in government liaison around issues for aviculture and is now the Cagebird representative on Animal Care Australia as well. Sam actively communicates the strengths, achievements and potential of aviculture to the general public, government and the zoo community. Aviculture has been a lifelong passion for Sam. As a child he bred and exhibited budgerigars. He has kept a broad range of finches, quail, and parrots over the years. After moving onto acreage Sam constructed a number of larger aviaries housing numerous finch species, some parrots and in recent years a range of softbills. One area of personal interest to Sam is including private aviculturists in endangered species work and he has assembled information on how Australian breeders achieve success with the Red Siskin, a CITES 1 listed endangered species in South America. In this talk Sam will present a review of what he learnt. I hope you can ZOOM in to the meeting.


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