10 September 2021 – How I Feed My birds

“How I feed my birds and my routine”

Main Speaker: John McMahon

John has been breeding birds for over 60 years, starting like many of us as a nine year old with budgies. He progressed through many different species and into finches where over time John became well known as a breeder of show quality Zebra Finches and as a judge. A prominent member of the South-East Queensland Zebra Finch Society, John is always keen to pass on his knowledge to younger breeders and has encouraged many into Zebras. In this talk John will discuss and demonstrate his feeding techniques which support excellent breeding and development of quality birds. It should be of interest to all. Note that the meeting is the SECOND Friday in September, see you there or on Zoom.

John’s Talk will be preceded by a short talk from Jane Purcell on compatibility of finch species and other birds, drawing on her experiences with a free flying bird collection in her house.


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