1 October 2021 – Ian Brown

“Challenges and rewards fromm a mixed collection”

Main Speaker: Ian Brown

This meeting will comprise some opening comments from President, Ian Brown, including a discussion about meeting start times. The QFS Committee believes a 7pm start is too early and will propose moving back to 7.30pm start. The general meeting will be followed by two speakers:

A short talk from Jane Purcell on “Compatibility of finch species and other birds”, drawing on her experiences with a free flying bird collection in her house followed by the main talk by:

Ian Brown on “Challenges and Rewards of a mixed collection – Version 5″

This month our main speaker is QFS President, Ian Brown. Ian has been keeping and breeding birds for almost 50 years starting when his family moved to a farm south of Sydney at the age of 11. Since then he has never been without birds and over the last ten years his collection has evolved to include Finches, Parrots, Fruit Pigeons and now a growing array of Softbills. This includes many honeyeaters, bower birds, wrens and the magnificent Wompoo pigeon.

Over the years, having to work full time has required Ian to find ways of housing and feeding his birds in a very efficient and time saving manner, keeping in mind the need to optimise nutritional benefits for good breeding results and healthy birds. Ian’s presentation will outline the numerous challenges and rewards which come with a mixed and diverse collection, particularly the need to optimise the feeding regime to ensure appropriate and highly nutritional diets. This is a talk that Ian first gave many years ago, but it and the collection have evolved since then and you can be sure to learn and enjoy much. See you there or on Zoom.

At the moment this meeting will be LIVE and by ZOOM. Current COVID requirements will mean widely spaced seating and masks MUST be worn in the meeting hall.

Time: Oct 1, 2021 07:00 PM Brisbane


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