Queensland Finch Society

Celebrating 50 years!


The Qld Finch Society (QFS) has members worldwide who share their love of aviculture and participate in Society activities. The club boasts a membership of nearly 1000 local, interstate and international members, all with a passion for the delightful birds we call finches.

QFS was formed in September 1969 by a group of 19 enthusiasts and dedicated itself to the study of Australian and foreign birds, particularly finches. QFS is committed to aviculture and conservation and our society activities are conducted in the spirit of keeping members and the community well informed of the best practices of caring for finches. Non-members and guests are also encouraged to attend and learn what QFS is all about.

Why Join


QFS promote the highest avicultural standards.


QFS promote the conservation of both captive bred and wild bird populations.

Buy & Sell

Aviary bred birds from QFS members around Australia.

Talk Finches

Network with specialist members from around the world.

Finch Information


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