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Queensland Finch Society

About Us

The Queensland Finch Society (QFS) was formed in September 1969 by a group of 19 enthusiasts and dedicated itself to the study of Australian and foreign birds, particularly finches.

QFS strongly promotes the highest standards of keeping and breeding of birds through promotion of the hygienic keeping and scientific feeding and breeding of birds in the best and most natural conditions possible. As such the Society endorses the Queensland Code of Practice for Aviculture (www.ehp.qld.gov.au/register/p00055aa.pdf- see copy below) and our own Code of Conduct for QFS Events.

Since its early days of producing a simple photocopied flyer called the "Finch News", QFS members now enjoy a professionally printed colour magazine each month.

The Society holds regular general meetings on the first Friday of each month and runs various birds sales, auctions, shows, workshops and BBQ's throughout the year - all in the spirit of keeping our members and the community well informed of the best practices of caring for finches. Non-members and guests are also encouraged to attend and learn what QFS is all about. The Society also holds out of Brisbane meetings in regional centres where local members can enjoy a QFS meeting.

Through our Constitution we are dedicated to the conservation of birds particularly Finches, at liberty and in captivity including their habitats. QFS is actively supporting the "Save the Gouldian Fund" and the "Black Throat Recovery Program".

The club now has a membership of almost 1000 which includes local, interstate and international members.

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